Friday, May 2

Spring Break

The Donor is back, Pesach is but a memory and School Holidays are over.

I went for my check-up with Profman, I walked in, all confident and shiny; and walked out totally deflated. I thought that with my new-found post-operative fertile self that there was going to be no looking back. I thought I had it all figured out, full-speed-ahead to my Frozen Five. My 'worst-case' scenario was going to be CLOMID (ovulation inducing pills). What a joke!

I am not really good at 'making long stories short', but here goes anyway.

1. Due to my current 'status', I have a 5% chance of falling pregnant naturally.
2. If I choose to go with a Gonal F/Menogon-IUI cycle (Follicle Stimulating Hormone with sperm injected directly), my chances jump to 10%. The problem with this is that only the follicles from the healthy RHS would stand a chance, so automatically my chances are halved.
3. A Frozen Embryo Transfer is a bit dodgy as the survival rates after defrosting are not great, and generally frozen embryos are used for a 'rainy day'/last resort scenario. Basically for when I have run out of all other options. Success rates are 15%.
4. With IVF I would have a 25% chance for success. Eggs generated from both right and left sides would be used/fertilised, and those not used would then join the Frozen Five.

I have two major factors against me. Firstly age, from 35 years of age, egg quality and quantity rapidly decrease. Secondly, Ovarian Reserve, this is the amount of healthy eggs that I have left at my disposal. Every single month this decreases, and because I have not responded brilliantly to the past two IVF's my Ovarian Reserve is questionable.

Also, my new resolve (from a while back) was to NOT be so forthcoming with information about myself, ie 'the reproductively-challenged me-info'. I am going to try and put this into practice now. So I have decided to have a "news black-out". No more information. No more endless babbling about injections, Progesterone/E2 levels, hormones, ultrasounds, follicles, etc., etc. The more I talk/write about it, the more I obsess about it all. This time I am going to do it differently. This time it's going to be just Me, Myself and I(and maybe a Mom, oh, and the Donor).

Here's hoping that when next I discuss my two ovaries, one fallopian tube, womb, or anything else connected to my vagina will be in about 3/4/5/6 months to say that I have finally finally made it. Until then, if anyone asks, I am taking a breather, on Spring Break, letting 'nature take its' course', blah blah.


"Q: In which cases does removal of the fallopian tubes improve the outcome?
A: In recent years, impressive evidence has shown that hydrosalpinx (swollen fallopian tubes, filled with fluid) can reduce chances of implantation. It seems that the reason for this is that the fluid in the fallopian tubes contains inflammatory products that leak into the abdominal cavity and damage the embryo trying to implant itself in the endometrium. In cases of recurrent failure of IVF therapy, the condition of the fallopian tubes should always be assessed using a hysterosalpingogram and ultrasound scan. If the state of the fallopian tubes is very poorly, and might affect the implantation of the embryos, the benefit of their removal should be considered. The removal of oneor both fallopian tubes is performed by laparoscopy, where a laparoscope (a fine telescope) is inserted through an umbilical incision."