Tuesday, February 19

Crap night, couldn't sleep. Husband snored all night. Succumbed to doing a home pregnancy test at 3 am this morning. Bad move. It was as negative as negative could be. So preparing myself for either low or nonexistent Beta.

And I have a stress-induced cold sore on my nose. Just wonderful. Ugly, un-pregnant, fat and red-nosed. And tired.

I just don't get God at all.


"Q: In which cases does removal of the fallopian tubes improve the outcome?
A: In recent years, impressive evidence has shown that hydrosalpinx (swollen fallopian tubes, filled with fluid) can reduce chances of implantation. It seems that the reason for this is that the fluid in the fallopian tubes contains inflammatory products that leak into the abdominal cavity and damage the embryo trying to implant itself in the endometrium. In cases of recurrent failure of IVF therapy, the condition of the fallopian tubes should always be assessed using a hysterosalpingogram and ultrasound scan. If the state of the fallopian tubes is very poorly, and might affect the implantation of the embryos, the benefit of their removal should be considered. The removal of oneor both fallopian tubes is performed by laparoscopy, where a laparoscope (a fine telescope) is inserted through an umbilical incision."